How to Clean Dental Implants

How to Clean Dental Implants

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Millions of Americans have at least one dental implant and millions more receive at least one dental implant each year.  Dental implants have exploded in popularity over the past few decades due to the aesthetic and health benefits they offer. Dental implants also eliminate the need for adhesives and are remarkably easy to clean. Here’s how to clean and care for dental implants. 

Cleaning Dental Implants: What to Know

The best techniques for cleaning your dental implants will depend upon the type of implant you have. Single-tooth implants should be cared for the same way you’d clean natural teeth. You should brush twice daily for at least two minutes, and you should floss once a day.

If you have an implant-supported bridge, you should also brush twice daily and floss daily. However, you will not be able to floss between the artificial teeth bridging the gap in the smile. If you have an implant-supported bridge, a water flosser should be used to remove debris from the gum line and around the crowned teeth. 

Patients who replace an entire arch of teeth using the All-On-4 procedure should purchase a variety of tools to keep the fixed dentures clean. Tools that are commonly used to keep fixed, implant-supported dentures clean include:

  • Superfloss, or a water flosser
  • Soft picks (AKA doctor’s toothpick) for cleaning near the gumline
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Mouth rinse (as recommended by your oral surgeon)
  • End tuft brush (a tiny brush that can reach crevices where the gum meets the denture)
  • Other cleaning tools as recommended by your oral surgeon

Your oral surgeon will teach you how to clean your dental implants after your surgery. You must clean them as instructed to maintain good oral health. 

Caring for Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

If you are considering implant-supported removable dentures, also known as “snap-on” dentures, you’ll need to clean both the denture and the implanted screws twice daily. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to brush your gums, the implants, and all soft tissues including the tongue. 

You should also floss each implant to remove bacteria, debris, and plaque. You may use regular dental floss to make a C shape and rub the floss up and down each implant. Alternatively, you may use a water flosser to clean each implant and the gum tissue near the implant.  

To clean the denture, brush it thoroughly with a toothbrush and the toothpaste or mouth rinse recommended by your oral surgeon. You should also plan to rinse the dentures with water after each meal. 

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