Bone Grafting in Albuquerque

Bone Grafting

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Tooth roots stimulate the bone beneath the gums, preventing deterioration. When teeth are lost, the body begins a natural process of resorbing the jawbone. Over time, this can create a sunken, hollow, prematurely aged appearance. It also causes even the best-fitting dentures to become loose, and it can cause neighboring teeth to shift. Bone grafting retains and restores the jawbone, filling out the face and preparing the jaw to accept dental implants.

Bone grafting surgery is performed to correct problems that may be the result of:

  • Defects present from birth
  • Trauma
  • Removal of a tumor
  • Tooth loss and subsequent loss of bone in the related jaw area

Bone Grafting Procedures

We customize each bone grafting procedure to the patient’s individual needs, with the goal of providing long-lasting, stable results. Below are the different procedures we may recommend.

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation prevents the rapid jawbone deterioration that occurs in the weeks following a tooth extraction or loss. It is generally performed at the same time as extraction, preventing the patient from needing a separate bone graft later on.

Sinus Lift

The bone that separates the upper teeth from the sinus cavities is quite thin, so those who want dental implants on the upper arch often need a sinus lift. We will lift the sinus floor out of the way and place a graft in the upper jawbone to create a secure foundation for dental implants.

Learn more about Sinus Lift procedures

Major Bone Grafting

If you have had a tumor in the jawbone, a serious facial injury, or another condition that resulted in severe jawbone damage or loss, major bone grafting can help. We will carefully assess the remaining bone and place a graft that will restore your facial structure and aesthetics.

Ridge Augmentation

If you have been missing teeth for a long time, the bony alveolar ridge that supports the teeth has likely shrunk in both height and width. A ridge augmentation rebuilds the shape and size of the bone to provide adequate support for dental implants.

Although bone grafting sounds intimidating, most procedures are quite simple. We will carefully analyze the quality, shape, and size of your existing jawbone and recommend the procedure that best fits your individual needs and goals.

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