Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

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The last set of teeth to grow in, your wisdom teeth are the molars all the way in the back of your mouth. And every year, millions of people have them removed. 

While they will not bring you wisdom as they erupt, they can bring you a lot of discomfort. As they squeeze their way into the space by your existing teeth, they can cause overcrowding, misalignments, sinus issues, decay, and more. 

Yet, some patients have healthy wisdom teeth that grow beautifully and fit with ease beside the others. 

How do you know if your wisdom teeth should be removed? Below are a few signs to look out for. 

Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

If you are experiencing a lot of tooth pain, throbbing, or sensitivity in the far corners of your mouth, you could be dealing with wisdom teeth that are trying to come in. This pain may start off subtly but will increase over time. 

Sometimes it can happen for no reason, but other times, you will notice pain and sensitivity when things hit the tooth, such as when brushing your teeth or eating. Don’t ignore this pain as it will continue to get worse. 

It is worth noting that pain from your wisdom tooth may be felt right where it is - or it may be felt in the jaw or even in other areas of the mouth. This is not uncommon. 

Swollen, Inflamed Gums

When the wisdom teeth are not erupting properly, it can put a lot of pressure on the gums. They may be coming through crooked or moving in the wrong direction. As a result, the gums become irritated, swollen, and sore. 

Inflamed gums can be the result of many things. If you are feeling discomfort, contact your dentist. 

Jaw Concerns

Adding an extra set of teeth in the back of your mouth can sometimes lead to jaw issues. It may throw off your bite, make it hard to close your mouth all the way, and even have trouble chewing your food properly. 

Without the proper care, these jaw issues can be dismissed as TMJ disorder. But by removing the wisdom teeth, you are resolving the issues entirely. 

Overcrowded Teeth

One of the most common issues that leads to wisdom tooth removal is overcrowded teeth. After all, what do you expect to happen when you add large molars into the back of a full mouth of teeth? 

Noticing the overcrowding right away can lead to the removal of the wisdom teeth before much damage is done. Unfortunately, not acting swiftly can lead to teeth being moved into new positions. 

Sinus Pressure

Again, adding large molars to your mouth can be a problem. Because your sinuses are so close to the roots of your teeth, this can put pressure on the sinuses and make you feel uncomfortable. 

If your sinus issues are not responding to medication or other normal sinus treatment, you may want to consider your wisdom teeth as the culprit

Signs of Trouble With Your Wisdom Teeth?

Are you having trouble with your wisdom teeth? Do you think they may need to be removed? If so, then you need an oral surgery team that can handle the removal with ease in order to reduce the chance of future oral health issues. 

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