Dental Implants: Myths vs. Facts

Dental Implants: Myths vs. Facts

Team Dental Implants

You’ve likely heard a lot about dental implants, an effective, permanent solution to missing or damaged teeth. Just like your natural teeth, dental implants are durable and long-lasting. In fact, with good oral care, they’ll last a lifetime, because they’re directly fused to your jawbone. Implants replace your tooth root as well as your external, visible tooth, and they also benefit you by strengthening your jawbone as well as the bone surrounding it. 

Are All Implants Alike?

There are a range of different implant types. Each is designed for a specific purpose, such as to  replace a number of teeth or replace just one tooth that’s missing.

Regardless of the type, all implants have three separate elements, including:

  • An artificial tooth root which acts as a base for the artificial replacement tooth
  • A metal frame attached to that root holding the artificial tooth
  • The artificial tooth to replace missing teeth

Implant types include:

  • Single Tooth 
  • Implant Supported Bridges
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • All-on-Four Implants  (also called full-arch implants)

Myths Vs. Facts

Now that you know a little bit about implants, let’s take a look at some of the common myths surrounding them.

Myth: implant surgery is painful.

While implants do require oral surgery, new techniques make this a minimally invasive procedure. You’ll be numbed with local anesthesia, unless you would prefer sedation dentistry due to dental anxiety. Your dental surgical team will take about an hour to place the dental implant. And you should recover fully from the procedure in just a few days.

Myth: Healing takes a long time.

As noted, you should be able to recover from the surgical procedure in just a few days. However, there is a healing process involved for dental implants. The titanium used to create the implant needs time to bond with your jawbone and gums, a process called ossification. This usually takes between three to six months, but it is not a painful process at all.

Myth: Implants aren’t worth the cost.

While other tooth replacements such as dentures or bridges can be less expensive, an implant lasts longer - with proper care, for the rest of your life. In contrast, dentures need replacement every five to seven years, and bridges usually every 15 years. And implants, unlike bridges and dentures, act exactly like your natural teeth.

Myth: You have to care for implants specially.

Actually, regular normal twice-daily brushing and flossing and scheduling regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning is all that’s needed. 

And, of course, unlike dentures, you can eat anything you like without worrying that they will shift, move, or come out. 

Myth: Implants don’t look natural.

The crown or crowns fitted to the implant will be designed to be the same shade as the rest of your natural teeth. And as noted, implants look and feel just like natural teeth when completed. 

Are You Ready to Learn More about Implants?

Implants are permanent, attractive, and fully functional, making them an excellent choice to replace any missing or damaged teeth. If you want to learn more about implants, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, reach out to us today!