Does It Pay to Go on a Dental Implant Vacation Overseas?

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Dental vacations…do those two words go together comfortably? Although many people think that they do, overseas dental vacations may not always be the best idea. Dental implants are one of the procedures that people most often seek overseas, because insurance may not cover implants. But how much will you actually save - and at what risk to your health?

Dental Implants Are Less Costly in Other Countries

It’s true, dental implants do cost less abroad, because there’s less overhead expense for dentists. But, while there are many qualified, good dentists overseas, the reasons that implants cost less can be a challenge for your health.

Lower overhead and lower costs for dental implants occur overseas for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Office space rental costs less
  • Dental education is less costly - often free or relatively inexpensive
  • Staffing costs are lower - there’s no need for staff members to handle dental insurance claims because there is no dental insurance offered
  • No expensive malpractice insurance policies
  • More rapid implant process - great for your wallet, but maybe not for your oral health and safety when implant procedures may be handled all in a single day

Necessary Caution for Dental Implants Abroad

Initially, knowing that dentists are likely quite qualified and also charge less overseas, why not get your implants abroad and throw a vacation into the mix? There are a number of good reasons why you might want to just say no. 

  1. A dental vacation isn’t much of a vacation - do you really want to go snorkeling when you’ve just had major dental surgery? 
  2. Material quality and sanitation - it can be difficult to determine if there are any contaminants, such as lead, in the implant post of crown material. Standards for quality differ overseas. 
  3. Infection risk - if you have any questions about drinking the water in the country you’re visiting, do you really want that water used around open wounds in your mouth? In some locations, water could contain traces of bacteria such as  e.coli, Campylobacter, or protozoa like Giardia.
  4. You’re away from home - just how comfortable will you be away from your family and friends, not to mention possibly having to fly home again while you’re still experiencing pain or discomfort?
  5. Emergency care - should an emergency happen, will you be able to communicate clearly with hospital staff? Are emergency facilities adequate for treating any issues that could arise?
  6. Rushed procedures - while some dental procedures might not be adversely affected by quicker procedure times, dental implants should not be rushed. Failure rates for implants can increase due to rushing. Necessary bone grafts may not be properly considered. And, is there a sufficient amount of time for implants and jaw bones to fuse together as a sturdy anchor?.

Managing Dental Implant Cost Here at Home

For all these reasons and more, it might not be the best idea to take a “dental implant vacation.” Instead, our experienced dental staff can help you explore your insurance benefits, or help with other options, such as free financing from CareCredit .

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So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip overseas for a dental implant - it’s a good idea to think again. Instead, learn more about dental implants right here at home, at Rio Grande Oral Surgery in Albuquerque. Reach out to us today!