Should I Get 2 or All 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Should I Get 2 or All 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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In America, over 10 million wisdom teeth are removed per year. While this means that wisdom tooth extraction is a very common procedure, many patients are confused as to what the next steps are when they learn they will need to have these teeth removed.

One common question is whether or not they should have two wisdom teeth removed or four. Of course, every patient wants the surgery and recovery to be as minimal as possible, and they may think that only having two wisdom teeth removed is the best option.

However, That's not usually the case and below we’ll explain why it is often better to have all four removed at the same time if necessary.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

Whether it’s two or four wisdom teeth, the decision by your doctor to remove them is generally due to several reasons.

The most common reason is there simply isn’t enough room in your mouth for these teeth, which means they crowd other teeth and may even erupt abnormally, causing other complications.

Next, they can be difficult to keep clean which can make overall dental hygiene much harder. This can also lead to further complications over time.

Overall, wisdom teeth are removed because they are either causing problems or pain for the patient or they are likely to cause issues in the future based on a doctor's examination.

How Many Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

This completely depends on the situation. Some patients may only have one wisdom tooth that is causing problems or is present. In this case, only one tooth will need to be removed.

However, it’s common for people to have two or four wisdom teeth that start showing problems at the same time. Even if only one wisdom tooth is causing problems, others erupting at the same time will generally lead to problems as well.

Is It Best To Get Two Or Four Wisdom Teeth Removed At Once?

So now we get to the real question. In general, if you need all four wisdom teeth removed, it’s best to do this all at once for several reasons.


Despite being double the number of teeth, the total recovery time is about the same for four teeth as it is for two. Each area is healing at the same time, so the total time for recovery is about the same.

Lower cost

In most cases, having all 4 teeth removed at once will cost less than having two separate procedures. The patient may see other savings as well if they need to take time off of work for an extra procedure.

Fewer complications

Removing all four teeth in one procedure generally leads to fewer complications such as infection or dry socket compared to having two separate procedures.

Overall, it’s your choice of how many wisdom teeth you want to be removed. However, if your doctor recommends having all four removed at once, they have good reason to do so and you should consider it.

More Information On Wisdom Tooth Removal

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