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The Benefits of Dental Implant Supported Dentures

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If you’ve been told you need dentures, you likely have two options: traditional dentures that fit over the gums or dental implant supported dentures. You may feel traditional dentures are the best option for you because you’re worried about the expense of dental implants, but there are some significant benefits to consider before writing them off. Should you decide to get implant supported dentures, our team can help make sure they fit into your budget.

Here are some of the many benefits of dental implant supported dentures.

Dental Implants Preserve the Jawbone

Dental implants are implanted directly into the jaw bone, which both encourages new bone formation and prevents future bone loss. In contrast, patients with traditional dentures lose bone mass in the jaw. One of the consequences of this bone loss is a weakened bite, which makes it hard to bite and chew. 

Another reason it’s important to prevent jawbone loss is that it will change your appearance over time. This is referred to as facial collapse. Your features will begin to appear sunken, making you look older than your years. Solutions for facial collapse are costly and time-consuming compared to prevention by replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Implant Supported Dentures Are More Secure

Dental implant fixtures hold your implant supported dentures in place. There's no need to apply an adhesive to keep them secure and there’s no sliding and slipping to irritate your gums and cause mouth sores. Patients prefer implant supported dentures to traditional dentures because they are more secure, which means they’re more comfortable.

Patients also find that the stability of implant supported dentures improves their self-esteem. They don't have to be concerned about their dentures slipping or affecting their ability to communicate. They never have to turn down food at a restaurant or party because they can't bite or chew it. There’s no reason to worry about jawbone loss causing them to look prematurely aged. Patients often forget that they're wearing dentures at all since implant supported dentures feel so natural.

Implant Supported Dentures May Cost Less in the Long Run

We understand that for many individuals, the cost difference between conventional dentures and implant supported dentures is a deciding factor. Traditional dentures may be less expensive in the short term, but in the long run, they could cost you more.

Conventional dentures are less durable than implant supported dentures and they need to be relined or replaced every few years as the jawbone deteriorates. If bone loss affects your ability to eat or causes facial collapse, you may need extensive bone grafting procedures. These costs add up over time.

Taking Care of Implant Supported Dentures Is Easy

If you choose a fixed denture, you’ll never have to worry about taking out your dentures at the end of the day for cleaning. Instead, you’ll brush your dentures while they’re in your mouth, just like natural teeth. This, too, can improve your confidence, allowing you to forget that you have implant supported dentures. 

Learn More About Dental Implant Supported Dentures

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